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Roofing Insurance Claims

After a storm, the cleanup and repairs begin. The whole task can seem daunting. When it comes to the roof on your house, it may or may not be evident that there is damage and/or the extent of that damage. That is best determined by a professional roofing contractor. Getting your insurance to cover the cost of repairs can be another lengthy process and we are here to help. 

Blackfoot Roofing & Construction Can Help 

Our team, at Blackfoot Roofing & Construction, will work with you to ensure the details of your roof damage is submitted quickly and correctly to your insurance company. This includes conducting a roof inspection, providing a summary of the results, and walking you through the claims process. Our team of professionals will follow this up by completing the repairs or full replacement efficiently and skillfully.  

A roof inspection by Blackfoot Roofing & Construction is advantageous for many reasons. You will have:

  • Paperwork that can be used for filing
  • Pictures of storm damage
  • Knowledge of all damage caused by the storm
  • Confidence when dealing with the insurance company

Filing the Insurance Claim:

Damage from storms is traditionally considered to be an insurance loss on your homeowner’s insurance policy. Generally speaking, the process for filing a claim includes:

  • Notifying the insurance company to report the damage
  • Inspection by roofing company
  • Claims adjuster on-site inspection
  • Approval of the estimate and a check sent to the property owner
  • Roof repairs or replacement

Free Estimates

If your roof was recently damaged by a severe weather event, call our team at Blackfoot Roofing & Construction (850) 251-9792. We will be happy to schedule a free roof inspection. We will be sure to document the damage and give you an estimate to start your roof insurance claim. Because Blackfoot Roofing also holds a certified residential contractor license,we are able to handle additional damages to your dwelling that a roofing contractor would not be able to perform.

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