Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions


How much additional life does my current roof have?

This is a question that we often receive from homeowners. The answer really depends on many factors including:  the material covering your roof (i.e. metal, shingle), tree cover, environmental factors, proper ventilation, and how well the roof has been maintained throughout its life. Many of the roofs we replace are around 20 years old. If you think your roof is nearing the end of its life, call us for an evaluation and roof estimate (850) 251-9792.


Are there signs I can look for that indicate when my roof needs to be replaced?

With asphalt shingles, shingle curling, cracking, granule loss, and missing shingles are some of the signs that your roof may be in need of a replacement. A metal roof showing signs of corrosion, leaks, or damaged roof panels may indicate that a new roof is needed. Once your roof’s top layer becomes compromised, additional issues can occur resulting in wood rot and a greater cost to the homeowner. Don’t wait until you notice a leak inside your home to replace your roof. Always have a professional roofing contractor inspect your roof if you think there may be an issue. Our Crawfordville based company, Blackfoot Roofing, performs work in Tallahassee and surrounding areas. We are available to assess your roof replacement and repair needs (850) 251-9792.


Should I have my roof replaced with metal or shingles?

As a homeowner, it can be difficult to decide which roofing material to place on your roof. There are so many options out there it can be overwhelming. In our opinion, this decision should be based on the homeowner’s personal preference in appearance. Would you prefer to see your home with a smooth screw down metal look, the linear lines of a standing seam metal roof, or would you rather have some added dimension with architectural shingles? There are pros and cons to each type.  Though metal roofs typically have twice the life span of a shingle roof, the additional labor required increases the cost and can make it cost prohibitive for some homeowners.

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