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About Blackfoot

3rd Generation Florida Builder

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Blackfoot Roofing & Construction

Blackfoot Roofing & Construction is the family-owned business of Tim & Travis Bozeman, located in Wakulla County, Florida in the lovely county seat of Crawfordville.  

Travis serves as the company's managing partner, while Tim has enjoyed a successful career as a contractor and builder for more than 50 years in the state of Florida.  

The Bozeman family has been building locally since the 1980s and includes 4 generations of builders, with Travis' son Tanner joining the family business.  As for both Travis AND Tanner, each have grown up on job sites since the time they could walk, and both worked for their fathers during highschool.  

Travis served as Active Duty Marine from 1998 to 2006 and worked Civil Duty & Contract work for the Marine Corps from 2009-2015.  and takes great pride in supporting the local veterans and VFW in Crawfordville.


Every staff member and client that works with Blackfoot Roofing & Construction becomes part of our family. We take pride in being able to build up our community, not only through great service to our clients, but creating a safe and proactive workplace for our employees to thrive.


Every member of the Blackfoot Roofing team learns from the beginning our core values and best practices.  Our key to success is our consistency.  Time and time again, customers return because they can rely on the results we deliver.


To ensure that all of our customers feel confident that they are receiving quality service that can be CERTIFIED, our company has completed multiple extra educational programs to deliver the ultimate customer experience.

Our Mission

We Build A Culture of Care

At Blackfoot Roofing & Construction, our main priority is Always Do the Right Thing! 

The way we do this is to deliver Superior Customer Service & Workmanship One Roof At A Time!

Our Core Values Spell "HIRED" and when added together make up our amazing employees:

H- Honesty/Honestidad
I- Integrity/Integridad
R- Respectful/Respecto
E- Efficient/Eficaz
D- Dependable/Fiable
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