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Atlas PRO Roofing Installer

Signature Select Shingles

Pinnacle® Pristine High Performance Architectural Shingles provide a wide array of color choices to complement any exterior color palette. Advanced technology implemented by Atlas protects the shingles against high winds while Scotchgard™ Protector helps prevent ugly black streaks caused by algae. With Pinnacle® Pristine shingles, roofs maintain their look and performance for years

What It Means To Be An
Atlas Certified Signature Select®
Roofing Installer

From high wind damage to black streaks caused by algae, from manufacturing defects to roofing system failure, your new roof is backed by quality, industry-leading warranty coverage.

When you install an Atlas Signature Select® Roofing System, all of the components are designed and backed by an Atlas warranty.  Unlike many other roofing warranties that promise more than they deliver, Atlas packs value and assurance into an enhanced Premium Protection Period with the installation of an Atlas Signature Select® Roofing System.
The Premium Protection Period includes:
  • Non-prorated labor and materials coverage
  • Tear-off and disposal fees coverage
  • Coverage of the full Atlas product roofing system
  • Transferability
When you register your warranty with Atlas, you will receive a digital certificate with the information you will need in the unlikely event that you have a problem with your roof.  Atlas is your single source for support.  Learn more at

Atlas Signature Select Roofing Components

Atlas Weathermaster Ice & Water Underlayment

Atlas Premium Underlayment

Atlas Pro-Cut
Starter Shingles

Atlas Roof Shingles

Atlas TruRidge® & HighPoint® Exhaust Ventilation

Atlas Pro-Cut Hip &
Ridge Shingles

A proprietary fiberglass mat reinforced, SBS-modified asphalt makes WeatherMaster® Ice & Water 216 ideally suited for continuous waterproofing protection against ice dams and wind-blown rain. The self-adhesive underlayment creates a watertight barrier by sealing to the roof deck and around nails. WeatherMaster® Ice & Water 216 provides excellent traction and protection from UV degradation and weathering thanks to its granular surface.
Summit® 60 is a lightweight synthetic roof underlayment designed to enhance the life of a roof system through superior water resistance and UV protection.  Made with a woven polymeric scrim, Summit® 60 features increased strength, reduced slippage between the underlayment and the roof sheathing and improved walkability during installation. This high-quality synthetic roof underlayment will not buckle, warp or crack over time like organic felt and the UV coating allows for 60-day exposure to the sun while the roof is being installed.
Atlas Pro-Cut Shingle Starter Strips protect the roof edge and provide the hold-down features needed to provide high wind resistance at the critical roof areas of the eaves and rakes. Our starter strips for roofing also protects the roof by filing in the spaces under the cutouts or shingle edges for the first course of exposed shingles.
Pinnacle® Pristine shingles feature comprehensive warranty coverage for black streaks caused by algae, damage from high winds and manufacturer defects.  For a complete gallery of all of our offerings for Atlas Shingles, contact the Office and we will mail you a brochure or email you a digital version for your convenience.
Ventilation is a critical component to your roofing system. A complete system depends on proper attic air flow. Ventilation, which balances air intake and exhaust in your attic, is what allows your home to breathe. It disperses the moisture that can lead to deck rot, ice dams, and mold and mildew - not to mention less-than-comfortable conditions inside your home.
Installed at the peak of the roof (ridge vents) or just off the ridge (box and power vents), Atlas ventilation products create a continuous flow of air upward from the eaves/soffits and achieve the best exhaust ventilation for your attic.  Best of all, Atlas ventilation products are eligible components of the Atlas Signature Select® Roofing System and qualify you for the Signature Select® enhanced warranty. Putting on a new roof? Insist on Atlas ventilation products – for the system, for the comfort, for the warranty.
Atlas StormMaster® Hip & Ridge shingles featuring Scotchgard™ Protector help resist black streaks caused by algae while providing a finished designer look at the hip and the ridge.
Made of the same materials as StormMaster® Shingles, these hip and ridge shingles offer stunning curb appeal combined with the great features of StormMaster® shingles, including our proprietary Core4® Enhanced Polymer Technology.
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