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2023 Best Of The Best Winner
Blackfoot Roofing & Construction

Best North Florida Roofer - Based upon independent reviews!

We Are The Top 1% Of CertainTeed
Shingle Roof Installers Nationwide

So...You definitely need roof work done to your current roof...whether it be a total roof replacement or just a repair... You don’t know much about roofing but you want to hire a “good contractor” to do the job. So you ask neighbors and friends if they know anyone in the trade. Perhaps you get the name of a highly recommended contractor and decide to hire him without getting estimates from other contractors.

More than likely, you contact three separate contractors for an estimate. Now you are faced with the task of sorting through the proposals, deciphering the roofing technical-speak and judging the “best” from the “good” and perhaps the “not-so-good.”

All three contractors seemed reputable and the proposals seem comparable, except one price is a lot lower. You wonder whether or not the lower price is a bargain or a sign of trouble. You are not comfortable with the selection process because there are many unknown factors and this purchase is a big investment in dollars.

You want to make the right choice; however, it’s not always an easy decision. Like everyone else, you want the job done right, but you don’t want to be over-charged. Worse yet, you fear the horror of hiring the “wrong contractor.” After weighing the different proposals, you pick a contractor based on a variety of subjective and objective reasons that are important to you as an individual. Here's why you should choose Blackfoot Roofing, your local SELECT ShingleMaster...

SELECT ShingleMaster: What It Means

The SELECT ShingleMaster™ credential represents the highest standards in the shingle roofing industry. It includes a rigorous process, including several significant educational and accreditation steps – a mark of distinction that separates SELECT ShingleMasters from most other companies.  The company must continue to meet the following requirements to maintain the credential.

The Most Well-Qualified Installers
• Through testing and regular re-accreditation we ensure that all supervisors and at least 50% of the company’s installers are Master Shingle Applicators™ (MSAs).
• Information from the CertainTeed Shingle Applicator’s Manual provides instruction to MSAs, making them some of the most knowledgeable roofing installers in the industry.

Product Knowledge
• One or more company employees have earned the Shingle Quality Specialist™ designation after passing a test on the CertainTeed Shingle Technology Manual, which proves their knowledge of shingle products, quality standards and satisfying customer objectives.
• Trust in their expertise to explain important differences between shingles and offer an appropriate selection of products for your roof.

Insured and Established
• The SELECT ShingleMaster must carry worker’s compensation insurance, as required by law, and
liability insurance covering roofing. This coverage is critical for your protection.
• This company has been in business for a minimum of five years or held another CertainTeed credential for at least one year, or has prior industry experience that CertainTeed considers a comparable qualification.

Ethical Conduct and Customer-Focused
• The SELECT ShingleMaster agrees to abide by a code of ethics that covers compliance with applicable laws, standards of workmanship, customer service and business administration.
• This company must maintain a customer satisfaction rating of 4 or higher on a five-point scale.

Up-to-date and Ongoing Credential Requirements
• CertainTeed keeps records on each SELECT ShingleMaster to ensure their credentials and
insurance coverage are current.

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